We Can Light Your Hedges, Trees, Arbors and More Anywhere in Collin County, Texas

Wrapping Tree Trunks and Limbs With Christmas Lights

When wrapping trees with lights it is customary to use 5mm mini-lights with six inch spacing and each wrap spread apart 2"-3" apart. The lights could be either incandescent or LED, each of which has it's own pro's and con's.

Call us our use the form on this page to get detailed information about design and installation options for wrapping your trees with Christmas Lights this holiday season in Plano, TX in Collin County, Texas.

Popular Lighting For Trees and Bushes in Plano, TX

A popular tree lighting option is to use multi-colored lights. We can wrap your trees with varying light colors, shapes, and sizes for a distinct look. We can add a little up lighting to bring in focus the entire tree and not just the tree trunk and tree limbs. You could use multi-colored strands or use varying colors within a group of trees. If you have a design idea for wrapping your trees at your home or business in Plano, TX or Collin County give us a call or request a call back by using the form on this page.

Wrap Multiple Trees For Dramatic Effects - Outside Christmas Trees

If you have a group of trees, a tree lined driveway, or the perimeter of your property is lined with trees consider wrapping them to give a dramatic appearance or lighted forest of Christmas Trees. We look forward in working with you at your home in Plano or Collin County this Christmas and holiday season for all of your Christmas Lighting needs.

Exterior Lighting Options For Trees, Landscapes, and Home Exteriors

House in Katywith LED Christmas Lights, and landscaping lighting provided for an all inclusive turnkey Christmas Light Installation.

When we wrap your tree with Christmas Lights we can also add special effects like lasers, dripping icicle lights, lighted snowflakes, and more. We can hang light strings of multiple colors, sizes, and randomize them.

While you are thinking of lighting your trees also consider net lighting for your bushes, shrubs, and hedges. Other additional lighting options like ground lighting really can round out a full and complete festive Christmas Lighting Display. Remember we serve Plano, TX and all of Collin County, Texas.

Ask about Large Christmas Wreaths also