We provide all of the lighting and the labor to install your Christmas Lights

The Christmas Lights Supplied

We generally supply LED lights or incandescent on request for our C9 roof lighting. When it comes to wrapping trees and bushes we will either use incandescent mini lights or net lighting. Regardless of the type of lights we use you can be assured that all of the lights are in good working condition. Give us a call if you have questions. You can also use the form on this page to submit questions.

We Provide The Labor

Our installers are experience in the art of hanging Christmas Lights. All of our Christmas Light installers are experienced working from ladders, boom lifts, and on a roof. When we are supplying the Christmas Lights for an all-inclusive Christmas Lighting service we will come out install all of the lighting and after New Years come back out and take it all down.

Our Lights – We Store and Maintain Them

When we provide the lights we use the lights from our inventory of Christmas Lights to light your home in Plano, TX or in Collin County, Texas. We custom fit the lights to your home and then store them to be used the next year. We also provide all of the extension cords, timers, and light clips to professionally install your Christmas Lights this holiday season.

Wrapping Trees & Landscape Lighting

House in Katywith LED Christmas Lights, and landscaping lighting provided for an all inclusive turnkey Christmas Light Installation.

In addition to hanging Christmas Lights on your roofline and gutters we can also light bushes, hedges, trees, driveways, sidewalks, and more.